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Vents and safety systems

Icona AS

Selip fiberglass tanks are all atmospheric.
So they are calculated as follow:
-design pressure: Full of water
-working pressure: ATM

So all Selip tanks, must be equipped with a venting system and/or safety system in order to prevent any excess pressure and/or depression.

Vents can be realized in; fiberglass, PVC, PE.
Most common sizes are: DN 50, DN 100, DN 150, DN 200.

Upon customer request are available:
-pressure security valve,
-depression security valve,
-double effect security valve; pressure/depression,
-security fume in which is already included a security valve in order to avoid tank depression.

Others control and safety systems
On the market there are a variety of safety systems anti pressure/depression of tank.
In this case Selip, on customer request, only supply flanged nozzle for the connection with Your safety system.


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